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Mickey Joe
02/Feb/2011 15:03
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We all know of Cormac McAnallen and his tragic passing, as well as other young people who have died from heart related problems.

I know the Cormac Trust had aimed to help every club in Tyrone to install defibrillators, but I haven't heard whether this has been extended to clubs in other counties.

So, I just wondered if Maghery GFC have a defibrillator ready for use at all games and for people in the local area?

28/Feb/2011 20:27
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RE: Defibrillators
yes maghery gfc have had a defibrillator for a few years now and have 4/5 people trained to use it if needed. it is kept in the club rooms with the names and phone numbers of those trained. i also think there is one in the community hall also.

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