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Patty (Forker) Firsching
09/Mar/2004 20:09
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HARRY FORKER - St. Malachy's team 1st win
Can anyone give me some information on the Harry Forker pictured on this site from the St. Malachy team in the early 1900's ?

My grandfather was Harry Forker - born March 22,1894, son of George Forker of Maghery. Harry went to the United States in 1912, and died in an accident in 1928.
he was married to Ellen Donnelly from Portadown, and they lived in Philadelphia.

I am not sure how common the name Henry (Harry) is in the Forker line, and thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

Could my grandfather be the same one pictured here? Please email me if anyone is able to provide information. Thanks much!

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