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Armagh Senior League A 2020
St Patrick's14100420
Armagh Harps1490518
Pearse Og1470714
Wolfe Tones1421115

As at 10/20/2016 2:52:41 AM
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Seosaigh O Mordha
02/Jan/2003 21:12
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Seen the redevelopement of the pitch and remembered that at Maghery in 1963 I picked up my first ever Cup..for the Under 16 tournament in Maghery when playing for the Tones from the 'Cash. The walk across the bridge. The bulk of that team were the good minor team we had in 64 and 65 for the Tones. After that I was away on travels, and have played in odd places, but hold dear the victory in Maghery.
Mise le meas,
Seosaigh O Mordha.

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