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Police called to council to keep order

15 June 1930

Irish News (On This Day June 15 2001)

By Eamon Phoenix

A series of stormy scenes at the newly-elected county council of Tyrone on Monday culminated in the calling of the RUC to keep order, an unprecedented thing in the history of the county.

Colonel R J Howard, JP, retiring chairman, presided at the meeting, but the trouble arose when a letter was read from the Ulster Tourist Development Association refuting a number of statements and criticisms made by members of the council and in the press regarding the recent guidebook issued by the association.

Mr John Glasgow said no to business concern in the county would make so many inaccuracies as the association did in the guidebook. There was no mention in it whatsoever of four out of the five important shows held in the county, while many of the other important social functions were ommitted.

Mr P Hagan agreed that Tyrone was ignored in the guidebook. When tourists came to Maghery Ferry, he added, they could not get a bridge across and had to turn back and go by Co Armagh. The roads leading to Maghery, too, were a scandal. Mr Greeves said the condition of the roads at Maghery was a matter for the rural council concerned.

Mr Hagan was proceeding to speak further on the question when the chairman said the matter was not before the council.

Mr Hagan (warmly): “It is before the meeting, just as much as you were before the county court judge the other day about your old shoes. (Laughter).

The chairman: “You will have to conduct yourself”.

Mr Hagan: “The road is not fit for a donkey and cart”.

The chairman:” If he does not keep order he will be removed”.

The chairman appealed for order and Mr Hagan was heard exclaiming, “I don’t care a d... about anybody on your side.”

The chairman: “I must ask the council to support me. I will send for assistance”.

Mr Hagan: “Send for the B men if you like”.

Mr Colhoun: “You won’t have far to go for the B men, for they are here and will soon deal with you.”

Mr Hagan: “ I am not afraid of any B man.”

The interruptions by Mr Hagan continued and the chairman directed an official of the county council to phone for the police. Soon afterwards Head Constable Jackson, Sergeant Brennan and Constable Crockley arrived in the council chamber, but in the interval matters had become quieter and the business was proceeded with.


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